The ConstitutionCast: A New Podcast on the Constitution


My colleague Nicholas Cole and I have launched a new podcast, aptly titled the ConstitutionCast, about U.S. constitutional history, legal history, contemporary politics, and education. Nicholas is a Senior Research Fellow at Pembroke College, Oxford, who recently launched the Quill Project, a terrific new digital platform for studying negotiated texts (including, most prominently, the United States Constitution).

Our inaugural podcast on why it’s important to study the United States Constitution is now available via iTunes. Here’s the link.

In our next episode we will discuss the digital resources currently available to folks interested in learning more about the United States Constitution. Our third episode will explore the major constitutional issues facing the Trump Administration.

All of our conversations will be rooted in constitutional and legal history. Our aim is to provide historical context to contemporary issues of constitutional import and to do so in a way that can be understood by a general audience.

I hope you’ll tune in to the ConstitutionCast!

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