These Adorable Kindergarteners Drew Pictures of Historical Figures to Support Constitutional Literacy! Will you help them reach their goal?

Emily Christman’s kindergarten class at Brooke Charter School in Boston, Massachusetts, love the Constitution, and they want to encourage you to support constitutional literacy!

Here’s their story…

The principal at Brooke Charter School leads “morning motivation” for the kindergarten through second grade students. During these sessions, she focuses on teaching the young students how they can spread love in the world in many different ways, and often challenges the youngsters to come up with ways to spread love locally, nationally, and globally.

Emily Christman, an extraordinary educator, brainstormed with her kindergarteners and they came up with the idea of drawing pictures and cards to make people smile and to raise money for causes they thought made a difference in the world.

They started by raising money for the American Civil Liberties Union. To the surprise of their teacher, her kindergarteners ended up raising about $18,000.

After accomplishing this extraordinary act of philanthropy, they decided to keep their civic activism going and have now decided to draw cards to support ConSource’s work educating citizens of all ages about the Constitution.

They know, as John Jay famously said, that “knowledge … [is] the soul of a republic.”

How you can support these kindergarteners …

Below you will find the cards created by Emily Christman’s young students depicting some of their favorite figures from American history – from Abigail Adams and Alexander Hamilton to Barack Obama.

On the front of the card, you will see the unique illustration created by the student, and on the back, you will find a picture of the student who created it and why he or she decided to draw the historical figure.

When you make a donation of $10 or more to ConSource, we will send you a copy of a card of your choice (please make a note of the student in the dedication field on our secure online donation page).

Please consider supporting these youngsters as they work to make an impact in the world!

We know that their philanthropy and civic activism in the service of constitutional literacy will inspire you! It has certainly inspired the entire ConSource team!

We hope to share with Emily Christman and her kindergarten class that they made a huge impact in promoting greater access to and understanding of the U.S. Constitution!

Many thanks for your support!

Here are their cards …