Episode 2 of The ConstitutionCast: Learning More about the Constitution Online

About the Episode:
There is currently a great deal of interest both domestically and abroad about the U.S. Constitution, in general, and specific contemporary constitutional issues, in particular. Nicholas and I are both in the business of helping individuals put constitutional issues into historical context. When we talk to people both here in the United States and abroad, the most common question we receive is not “hey, is this constitutional?” but rather “where can I find information about the constitutionality of a particular governmental action?” There is a real hunger for high quality, vetted, accurate information on issues of constitutional import. Most people would like to try to use this information in order to draw their own conclusions about the wisdom and constitutionality of governmental actions. But it’s not always easy for folks to know where to turn for good information. Informed debate is reasoned debate and reasoned debate tends to be much more civil – something that is needed in this era of deep political polarization.
We thought that during this week’s episode it would be constructive to spotlight some of the outstanding online resources that are available to people of all ages interested in learning more about major constitutional issues. One issue that has attracted more global and domestic interest than any other in recent weeks is President Donald Trump’s Executive Order related to temporarily stopping people from certain Muslim majority countries from entering the United States. Using this Executive Order, we’d like to guide you through some steps you can take on your own to learn more about its constitutionality.

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