America’s Mock Election Results for the 2016 Presidential Election

Students around the country took part in a nationwide mock election hosted by the University of Virginia Center for Politics’ Youth Leadership Initiative and America’s Mock Election.

I co-hosted the results show about how the students voted.

Video of the results show is available here. In addition to discussing how the students voted in each state, we also discussed strategies for teaching about the election, the history of voting rights in the United States, and the importance of civics education.

The students who voted in the YLI/America’s Mock Election student mock election overwhelmingly favored Hillary Clinton. Clinton won 51% of the popular vote, while Donald Trump won 31% of the vote.

Scholastic also held a nationwide student mock election, where Clinton also prevailed – winning 52% of the student vote, while her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, received 35%.

It will be interesting to compare the results of these student mock elections with the final election results on November 8.

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